Anti-Inflammatory and Regeneration


Bracelet description:
- Gemstones: Moss Agate, Zoisite (Anyolite)
- Stretch elastic cord
- Size of beads: 8mm

Crystals energy exchanges with ours, helping us to reach the healthy balance.

If you are emotionally balanced, everything else in your life is balanced too. Why? Because your energy attracts similar kind of energy (quantum particles) from the Universe.

Clean your body from toxins. Inflammation and Infections happen when the immune system is weakened by body being polluted with toxins.

Inflammation is the cause of all disease.
Anger, hostility, stress, depression - all cause inflammation, and vice versa - inflammation causes them.
Its color is red, and the opposite color is green.

- Moss Agate's green color is caused by Chlorite inclusions. Chlorite group consists mainly of Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, and Aluminium Silicates.
- Zosite (Anyolite) is Calcium Aluminium Silicate with inclusions of Magnesium.
- Anti-inflammatory minerals: Manganese, Magnesium.
- Antioxidant minerals: Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium.
- Minerals, which are the same in green leafy vegetables and in our bracelet: Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron.
- Antacids tablets are formulated with Calcium, Magnesium and Aluminium.

Metaphysical Properties (please see the disclaimer):
- Anti-inflammatory
- Anti-oxidant
- Anti-acidic
- Detoxification
- Calming
- Balancing
- Immune System Boost

Like with other stones it takes up to 3-4 weeks of constant wearing the bracelet to notice the results. For best results bracelet should be worn without interruption until no longer needed.

Please note: your bracelet is made to order, therefore a very slight difference between the photos on our website and your actual bracelet is to be expected as the stones are all natural and their deposits differ.

If used for their properties, stones should be rinsed under running water for 1-2 min. every couple of days, or even more often if there is more serious body/mind unbalance. They soak one's energy (quantum particles), and if not rinsed - they become fully saturated with contaminated, unbalanced energy molecules, and will be counterproductive.

Of course above doesn't apply if bracelets are bought solely as jewelry and worn sporadically.


  • Small - 6.5 "
  • Medium/Average - 7"
  • Large - 7.5"