Independence & Protection from Influences


Bracelet description:
- Gemstones (all natural): Lepidolite
- Stretch elastic cord
- Size of beads: 8mm

Crystals energy exchanges with ours, helping us to reach the healthy balance and harmony.
If you are emotionally balanced, everything else in your life is balanced too. Why? Because your energy attracts similar kind of energy (quantum particles) from the Universe.

Lepidolite chemical composition: Potassium Lithium Aluminum Fluoro Silicate. Lepidolite is a secondary source of Lithium as it is the most abundant lithium-bearing mineral. Lithium is used to treat depression and bipolar disorders.

Metaphysical Properties (please see the disclaimer):
- Independence
- Protection from influences
- Inner Peace
- Calms Anxiety
- Physically: helps to relieve sciatica, back, nerves and joints pain

3 Clear Quartz Spheres represent 3 Spheres of Happiness:
Love, Health, and Prosperity.
Clear Quartz has cleansing, amplifying and energy conducting properties.
Our "3 Spheres of Happiness" concept was born from "what you think, you become", "what you think, you attract" theories and pure psychology.
Our 3 beads are supposed to make you think "Love, Health, Prosperity" every time you look at your bracelet, so they become your reality.
Most people have just the opposite thoughts all day long. The idea is to change the thinking patterns so they become positive. Replace the negative thinking with positive one and your outlook on life will change.

If used for their properties, stones should be rinsed under running water for 1-2 min. every couple of days, or even more often if there is more serious body/mind unbalance. They soak one's energy, and if not rinsed - they become fully saturated with contaminated, unbalanced energy molecules and will be counterproductive.

Of course above doesn't apply if bracelets are bought solely as jewelry and worn sporadically.


  • Small (6.5")
  • Medium/Average (7.00")
  • Large (7.5")