Rejuvenation/Regeneration Bracelet


Bracelet description:
- Gemstones (all natural): Zoisite, Eldarite
- Stretch elastic cord
- Size of beads: 8mm

Crystals energy exchanges with ours, helping us to reach the healthy balance and harmony.
If you are emotionally balanced, everything else in your life is balanced too. Why? Because your energy attracts similar kind of energy (quantum particles) from the Universe.

Bracelet made of gemstones containing macro minerals necessary for healthy functioning body's muscular and nervous systems.
These minerals are: Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Iron, Sodium, and Potassium. They also consist of Aluminum.

Chronic stress and diet of meat, grain and sugar makes body acidic and causes illness. Cancer develops in an acidic body and can't survive in an alkaline one. Acidic body has more toxins and less oxygen, leading to deterioration of body cells, and even to developing cancer cells.
Aluminum and Magnesium neutralize and decrease excessive acid in the stomach (used in antacids) and have calming effect.
Minerals such as Magnesium and Iron are known for their antioxidant (Magnesium and Iron) and calming (Magnesium) properties.
Calcium and Potassium both are balancing minerals. Potassium is necessary in the body for properly functioning nervous and muscular system, metabolism, and balanced blood pressure. Calcium in the body keeps bones and teeth healthy and strong.

Metaphysical Properties (please see the disclaimer):
- Regeneration after long period of illness and/or stress
- Rejuvenation, vitality, life energy (kidney energy)
- Relief from pressure, stress, fear, and worry
- Emotional Balance
- Calmness

If used for their properties, stones should be rinsed under running water for 1-2 min. every couple of days, or even more often if there is more serious body/mind unbalance. They soak one's energy (quantum particles), and if not rinsed - they become fully saturated with contaminated, unbalanced energy molecules and will be counterproductive.

Of course above doesn't apply if bracelets are bought solely as jewelry and worn sporadically.


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