Rolly - Crystal Hand Massager - our Exclusive


In November 2017 we invented/developed our exclusive CRYSTAL HAND MASSAGER.
We named it Rolly.

Even if it seems to be a simple design, in fact it is quite ingenious and innovative.
It combines the benefits of massage with the benefits of crystals.

By massaging your hands with our Rolly you will get fast relief after spending a long time on the computer, writing, drawing, holding the phone, texting, or doing anything which requires to keep hands in a stiff position for a prolonged time.

How to use it:
Just put Rolly between your hands and start rolling.
Take it with you anywhere, it also serves as a stress reliever.

Rolly is made of 18 genuine crystal beads: 9 Black Tourmaline and 9 Clear Quartz.
These crystals have piezoelectric (they generate an electrical charge under the pressure) properties and are believed to relief pain (please see the necessary disclaimer).
The string is of exceptional strength, tear and cut resistant.

Made in Florida.