Ultimate Healing Power - Set of 3 Bracelets


Set of 3 bracelets:
- Gemstones: Moss Agate, Amethyst, multi-color Tourmaline
- Stretch elastic cord
- Size of beads: 8mm

Crystals energy exchanges with ours, helping us to reach the healthy balance.
If you are emotionally balanced, everything else in your life is balanced too. Why? Because your energy attracts similar kind of energy (quantum particles) from the Universe.

Moss Agate includes mainly oxides of Manganese and/or Iron.
Minerals such as Magnesium and Iron are known for their antioxidant (Magnesium and Iron) and calming (Magnesium) properties.
Amethyst used for healing since antiquity is believed to have sobering, cleansing, and calming effects. Might help with irritability, sadness, tension headaches, itching, eyestrain, sleep disturbances caused by overactive mind, swellings, and chest/lungs problems. It is known as the "Inner Peace" crystal. Amethyst color is caused mainly by the presence of Iron particles. Iron, because of it's antioxidant functions, is necessary for properly functioning immune system.
Tourmaline makes one more flexible (muscles, joints and further - mind) and diminishes pain.

Metaphysical Properties of all 3 bracelets together (please see the disclaimer):
- Stress relief
- Tension relief
- Pain relief
- Anti-inflammatory
- Immune system boost
- Inner Peace
- Sobriety
- Calmness
- Sadness and Grief Relief

From our experience:
As moss agate and amethyst both have anti-inflammatory and tension-relieving qualities, this set has generally calming and pain-relieving (tourmaline) properties.

If the problem is a depressive nature the best stone combination would be carnelian, sunstone and rose quartz, or if to choose one - carnelian. These stones have excellent mood-improving properties and work fast (carnelian).

If used for their properties, stones should be rinsed under running water for 1-2 min. every couple of days, or even more often if there is more serious body/mind unbalance. They soak one's energy (quantum particles), and if not rinsed - they become fully saturated with contaminated, unbalanced energy molecules and will be counterproductive.

For best effect amethyst, moss agate, and tourmaline could be worn for a prolonged time.

Of course above doesn't apply if bracelets are bought solely as jewelry and worn sporadically.


  • Small (6.5")
  • Medium (7.00")
  • Large (7.5")